Task 54
Task 54
SHC Task 54

Price Reduction of Solar Thermal Systems

Price Reduction of Solar Thermal Systems

Task 54's aim is the purchase price reduction of installed solar thermal systems up to 40%. Our projects investigate the complete value chain:

  • We evaluate and develop sustainable means to reduce production costs on material, component and system level.
  • We identify and reduce post-production cost drivers, e.g. channels of distribution, marketing, installation, O&M.
  • We evaluate cost-structures of manufacturers and their cost reduction potential.
  • We study socio-political boundary conditions and their effect on solar thermal prices.
  • We make solar thermal more attractive by improved marketing and consumer-oriented design.

Task 54 always welcomes new members and projects. If you wish to join one of our meetings please contact us.

Latest News / Meetings / Publications

What's New
  • Cost reduction workshop in Linz, Austria on 04 October 2017 - The second Task 54 Dissemination Workshop is hosted by the Johannes Kepler University Linz. Presented are Task 54's latest technical developments and their cost reduction potential as well as Task 54's calculation approach for Levelized Cost of Heat (LCoH). The workshop will take place on 4 October 2017 in Linz, Austria. Workshop language is German. (Posted: 2017-06-13)
  • Installation Questionnaire Launched - Task 54 launched a questionnaire on the installation effort to make cost structures more transparent and to help us understand current obstacles for the efficient and time saving installation of solar thermal systems. (Posted: 2017-06-13)
  • Towards a Solar System Without Electronic Controllers: Conico Valves presents the first one-way valve for heat flow. - Conico Valves presents the first one-way valve for heat flow. (Posted: 2017-06-13)
  • Successful Task 54 Workshop in Brussels on 25 May 2016 - The first IEA SHC Task 54 workshop was held in the framework of the ESTTP workshop "Solar Thermal Energy for Europe" (24-25 May 2016) in Brussels, Belgium. (Posted: 2017-05-26)
  • IEA SHC Task 54: Investigating Cost Factors Along the Value Chain - Researchers have worked intensively for one-and-a-half years across national borders to find ways of reducing the costs of solar thermal systems and making them more attractive to end users. The members of Task 54 of the IEA Solar Heating and Cooling Programme, Price Reduction of Solar Thermal Systems, have discussed the effects of standardised product designs or changes in product offerings on cost structures. (Posted: 2017-05-22)
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