Task 54
Task 54
SHC Task 54

Price Reduction of Solar Thermal Systems

Installation Questionnaire Launched

Task 54 makes solar thermal systems more attractive for the end user by finding ways to reduce costs along the value chain. To get an idea of the final part of the value chain, Task 54 lauched a questionnaire on the installation effort to make cost structures more transparent and to help us understand current obstacles for the efficient and time saving installation of solar thermal systems. The questionnaire is available in German, French and English.

If you are a planner or installer of solar thermal systems and wish to support our data collection please contact us.


Towards a Solar System Without Electronic Controllers

Conico Valves presents the first one-way valve for heat flow


The Dutch SHC Task 54 partner Conico Valves works on an innovative thermo-differential bypass valve for simple solar systems without electronic controllers and sensors. Their product is a unique self-actuating 3-way bypass valve, using the patented thermo-differential actuation technology, that bypasses the solar heat exchanger as soon as it no longer acts as a heat sink in the solar circuit, so that heat can only be transferred from the solar circuit to the storage tank, and never from the storage tank to the solar circuit.

Conico Valves supports SHC Task 54 in Subtasks B and C. Their latest developments will be presented at the 3rd experts meeting in Stuttgart, Germany. For more information please visit Conico Valves' official website or get in touch with us.


Challenges for Price Reduction of Solar Thermal Systems

Successful Task 54 Workshop in Brussels on 25 May 2016


The first IEA SHC Task 54 workshop was held in the framework of the ESTTP workshop "Solar Thermal Energy for Europe" (24-25 May 2016) in Brussels, Belgium. Jointly organized with the European Solar Thermal Industry Federation ESTIF, the event attracted solar thermal specialists from industry, research and politics who joined in lively discussions on the challenging goal of Task 54. While all participants agreed that the savings potential is considerably high when thinking about solar thermal applications, there is still a long road ahead as pricing structures differ from country to country and system to system. How Task 54 can tackle the complex framework was only one of the questions of the 1,5 hours workshop.

If you'd like to learn more about the event and about Task 54 work items feel free to contact us and join us at the next meeting from 5-6 October 2016 in Stuttgart, Germany.  


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